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subtexan's Journal
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in subtexan's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008
9:44 pm
rubbing on my cock once again
Tonight I get to have the entire night to myself. I am currently rubbing on my rock hard cock as i type this. I've just spent the last thirty minutes breaking in a new dildo, not to big but not to small. I go into the stores sometimes and see these things that are the size of a buick. I am no buick boy but just a nice regular size boy. I always make sure to use a nice amount of lube and always rub my cock while I fuck my own ass. It feels so good. I know it is nothing like being on your knees and elbos with your ass in the air for another but it can be very close if you do right. I've typed enough for the time being, the night is young and my cock is getting lonely.
Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
10:42 pm
rubbing on my cock
Right now i'm looking at my rock hard cock thinking of how great it would be to rub all night long on it. I've had this fantasy that I keep thinking about where i am sitting on my bed legs hanging off and a mouth is wrapped around my cock. His cock is rock hard while he sucks on me but right as i am about to cum he stops. I am not to cum until he says so. I can not touch my self cock, nipples, nothing. He then stands up and handcuffs my hands behind my back and tells me to get to my knees and begin sucking on him while he sits where I was but I am to suck till he cums. As I suck my head bobbing up and down his cock he explains to me that I will always be expected to service him and if he is satisified he will finish me off but i am never to finish myself off. I start sucking harder and harder and finally he cums. I take all his cum leaving him completely dry. However, to my dismay he is not satisfied yet so I am not permited to cum. "come back tomorrow and make sure you dress up for me this time" he says and shows me the door. I arrive the next day in a white lacy pair of panties, stockings, bra the whole outfit ready for my chance to cum. I walk in and he says he is pleased with my appearance. He walks over touchs my cock and can tell i'm still full of cum and ready to explode. Master then walks behind me and tells me to bend over on the bed for him so that he can lube my ass for a long night of being filled. I bend over my ass in the air with my white thong being pulled out of the way and his fingers exploring me so that his cock can fill me. He pushes in me not waiting to adjust and i almost cum right there. His cock moving in and out and then suddenly I cum, it feels so good but master says this is not good because I have cum before he has and did not have permission. He pulls out of me and spanks me calling me his dirty whore and makes me beg for his cock again. I beg "please give me your cock sir, I will do anything, just let me satisfy you and take your cum" so he fucks me and fills me with his warm cum.
Friday, May 25th, 2007
8:32 pm
I've been horny all day. I had this day dream after reading a friends journal about his weekend trip and just can't get my mind off of it. My cock has never been as hard for as long as it has today. I have been rubbing on it all day and it is just cum after cum after cum.
Friday, June 30th, 2006
9:45 pm
webcam fun
I just love getting a nice cock to cum on the internet for someone. I have been on yahoo for the last hour watching a stranger rub his giant cock for me while I got him to orgasm twice. He was wearing white lace panties and I was not allowed to touch my cock the entire time. Though I'm going to fix that in a few minutes. I'm so horny from thinking about him watching what I typed and imagining it happening in real life, seeing him rub his cock faster and faster as I told him about sucking his cock and sliding my tounge around its head and then taking it and slowly putting it in to my hot ass. Having him grip both side of my hips with his hands and having him take me as he pleased. Afterwards taking his cock in my mouth and then making him cum once again. I must go masturbate or i'm going to explode just from my jeans bumping against my hard trobbing cock.
5:48 pm
i'm feeling my hard cock right now. I want to move my hand more and faster, I want it to be your hand, your mouth. Want to go down on you give you all the same pleasures that I have in me right now. Slide my tounge around you, my hands rubbing oil all over you, hours of nothing but pure pleasure then the joy of your cum at the end. I want to slide my cock into you and slowly fuck you while I explore your body with my hands. Kiss you and slide my tounge against your tounge so slow. I want to hear you moan, feel you tighten, hear you cum as I cum.
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
9:41 pm
something great
I was laying in bed this morning thinking of how great my dream was last night. I was a servant to a very dominating man who I have never seen in real life (though I wish I have). I wore no clothing and anytime my master was around I was to have a hard cock for his pleasure. I would first have to make sure that he got to have an orgasm and if he found it to his enjoyment then I was given the pleasure of being able to touch my hard cock but never allowed to climax. Then one day master brought a friend over. She was a girl he had picked up at the club that night and brought her home because she was horny and I was the solution. Master had her take all clothing except her black lace thong off and was told that she would have her pleasure after he was taken care of by me. Master sat down next to the girl and asked me to crawl over to them. He pulled out his great cock and told me to suck on it and make sure nothing is left over but not to use my hands. I began sucking on my masters cock taking it in and out of my mouth feeling my cock at the same time becoming harder and harder knowing this girl was watching me take all of his cock. He cam in my mouth almost instantly and I continued sucking to make sure no cum was left on him. after I pulled away he told me to move to my left and begin licking lisa's wet pussy but again no hands. I began licking her as master had told me and she started to slightly moan. Her hands reached behind my head and began pushing my face into her even more wet pussy. I thought I was going to cum instantly with out having anyone touch my cock, it was such a great feeling. then master told me to back away and to watch how to really fuck her. I moved away and watched as he inserted his cock into her pussy and began moving in and out of her. While he began fucking her I was given permission to masterbate. I felt a climax starting and told master I need to stop but he said that I was to place my cock in to his ass and cum while in him and he was in lisa. I sat up on my knees, moved behind master and slid my cock in to him. It felt so good. I moved in and out of him slowly and began to feel him tighten up, then out of no where I climaxed and cummed like never before. it felt great.
Sunday, June 18th, 2006
11:53 am
5 years time for a new update eh
Last night I had a vidid dream of me being on knees the whole time. I was a toy, a slave something good for just a fuck.
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